A Subscription Box to Help Teachers, Parents and Caregivers Connect Books to Learning through PLAY

Monthly hands on learning activities for ages 3-6 year olds centered around picture books! Activities are created by Preschool Teachers with a combined 35+ years of experience, Social Media Influencers, Early Childhood Education Consultants, Conference Speakers and Authors in Home & Classroom Magazine. Let's Play, Learn and Grow Together! 

What is the Learn As You Play box?

Learn through PLAY in every box! 

Learn As You Play Box is all you need to help get your little one ready for kindergarten. Educator Developed hands-on learning activities that connect books to learning through play.  You will receive 2 books a month and all the supplies to do the activities that go along with the books. No worksheets! Just interactive activities and lots of play. Oh and don’t forget about the monthly treat just for you! 

  • 2 books each month 
  • Vocabulary list, comprehension questions and journal prompts for each book
  • 10 activities that cover learning standards for Math, Language & Literacy, Science and Art that go along with the included books
  • A teacher guide to help you teach your child or students 
  • A teacher treat in every box! 

What's inside the box?

Each box comes with an easy to follow teacher guide to walk you through the activities with your child.  No tedious worksheets! Only interactive activities and lots of play.

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How It Works

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2. Learn As You Play Box Arrives

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3. Enjoy your books and activities!

Every month you will get 2 picture books, a teacher guide, child activities, materials and a treat just for you!

What people say about Learn As You Play Box

We had a great time opening our first box! The books are hardcover and excellent in quality, the activities are easy and all of the materials are provided. The kids were surprisingly engaged and learning happened in a fluid, unexpected way. They can’t wait to play again!

Fernanda M - Seattle, WA

The idea of having a “book club” for my toddler has always sparked my interest, but I’ve honestly never took the time to pick the best books, create the activities, and gather all the supplies. The Learn As You Play box is a one stop shop of sorts and provides hours of fun and entertainment for my active daughter. It’s been the PERFECT solution for my “mom guilt” over not doing enough educational activities at home with her! Will definitely be a monthly subscriber!

Jen A - Boca Raton, FL

I am a grandma and retired teacher in charge of three grandchildren all under the age of six. I need some new and innovative ways to teach the kids.  I love the membership because all the activities are so easy to follow! 

Sally D - Brooklyn, NY